My Official, Unofficially Official Bucket List

I’ve carried around a Bucket List of sorts in my head for sometime now, but I thought that I should put it down somewhere semipermanently, let it grow and let it really sink in. So here I go. My Official, Unofficially Official Bucket List. I’ll add to it, take away from it, check it off, […]

Moving right along…

As most of my friends/family know, about 2 or 3 weeks into moving back to CA from NYC, I became irritatingly restless. Something about living in a big city like NYC really affected me and made my little town of Temple City seem incredibly mundane. I’ve been living at home for almost a full year […]


I haven’t really gotten homesick yet, but the rough rain the last two days have sure made me think about CA a lot.   Some things I miss (In no particular order): In n Out Sinbala, Taiwanese food, good boba LMU My family My pets Good Shepherd Paco’s Tacos Marians meetings CSA House 75 degrees […]