My Official, Unofficially Official Bucket List

I’ve carried around a Bucket List of sorts in my head for sometime now, but I thought that I should put it down somewhere semipermanently, let it grow and let it really sink in. So here I go. My Official, Unofficially Official Bucket List. I’ll add to it, take away from it, check it off, […]

Through college, I lived in community settings my sophomore-senior year. Following college, I moved into the Good Shepherd Volunteers Astoria community and again lived with a relatively big group of strangers. Although I appreciate those life lessons I learned from living with people I didn’t know, didn’t understand, or simply didn’t like, I am looking […]


I’ve had this recurring dream for the last year. It came back last night/this morning to haunt me yet again. This dream involves me going to school, and coming to the realization that I have a math class and a French art history class on my schedule that I rarely attend. I think that I’ve […]