Women Making Moves Interview!

Twitter has really enhanced my life, in that it’s brought me back to a heightened level of learning about issues, talking to people I wouldn’t otherwise “know,” and networking on a level that really makes the world feel smaller and change feel more tangible! I follow Nicole Clark, a social worker, consultant, and activist. She […]


I’ve had this recurring dream for the last year. It came back last night/this morning to haunt me yet again. This dream involves me going to school, and coming to the realization that I have a math class and a French art history class on my schedule that I rarely attend. I think that I’ve […]

Bachelor of Arts

So back at home, I got my diploma finally! There is actually a library fine of around $30 that I haven’t paid so I definitely thought that I wouldn’t get my diploma for a while. But luckily, I did! And thanks to my mom, I was able to see it! She took a picture of […]


I’m here at LMU in CSA one last time before I go to NY. It was my home away from home for a long time. Lots of love, support, laughter and memories came out of that office and all things associated with it.