Women Making Moves Interview!

Twitter has really enhanced my life, in that it’s brought me back to a heightened level of learning about issues, talking to people I wouldn’t otherwise “know,” and networking on a level that really makes the world feel smaller and change feel more tangible! I follow Nicole Clark, a social worker, consultant, and activist. She […]

What the tabloids are teaching me about Demi and Ashton

Thanks to Jezebel’s weekly summation of the tabloids, I’ve concluded this: Ashton is virile, sexy, powerful, hot. Demi is old, emotionally unstable, unattractive, sexless. That’s the bottom line, eh? Thanks, tabloids. Thank you for constantly perpetuating this underlying need for women to satisfy a man in order to reach success and happiness. Thanks for gifting […]

“Troy Davis denied clemency”

This post is via Feministing: “One last way to take action to save Troy Davis’ life is to sign this petition from Amnesty International to Chatham County District Attorney, Larry Chisolm, who has the power to withdraw the death warrant and support clemency. Or contact the DA’s office directly at: Telephone: 912-652-7308 Fax: 912-652-7328.” check out the full […]

Separate and not equal

Repeat after me: females who are not virgins are not tainted or dirty. They’re not property. males who are not virgins are not heroes and are not pimps. They do not own those women who they have had sex with. Sex does not define a human being. Neither does gender. The term “virgin” and all […]