I know I’ve posted about my grandpa at least a couple of times in the past, so if you don’t care to read on, peace out. It has been well over two years since he passed but I rarely get through a day without thinking of him. I have been a caregiver for my grandma […]

Greed and jealousy

My grandma has a horrible memory and sometimes blanks out and will jump back in with the memory of something that happened days ago. Just now, my grandma was sleeping and then suddenly woke up, asking me for a letter a family member wrote to her that was on the dining table. I’m assuming the […]

ohhhh grandma.

Gma: There’s something black at McDonald’s I want. I don’t remember the name. Me: Coffee?? Gma: I know what coffee looks like. Do you think I’m dumb? Me: Sweet or salty? Gma: Sweet. Me: Sweet and black? I don’t know. Gma: I didn’t say black. I said white. Me: White and sweet???….apple pie?? Gma: I […]

Survival of the grouchiest

Here’s something to think about: Of my 3 pairs of grandparents, I only have one grandparent from each pair left. Each one has lost a partner now. My 3 “cheerful” grandparents were the first to pass on. My Post grandpa passed away roughly 10 years ago. He was undeniably the peppy, happy, warm one out […]


I’m sitting here watching my grandma eat fries during lunch and getting nostalgic remembering the way in which my grandpa used to eat fries. He’d always get “stuck” with the fries my grandma doesn’t like – the limp ones, burnt ones, runt ones. And he’d always play with them on the table, unable to see […]