Greed and jealousy

My grandma has a horrible memory and sometimes blanks out and will jump back in with the memory of something that happened days ago. Just now, my grandma was sleeping and then suddenly woke up, asking me for a letter a family member wrote to her that was on the dining table. I’m assuming the […]

I have been compromised

This whole year, I’m supposed to be really trying to attain a simple lifestyle. Simple living. We’re given 2 checks a month totaling about $260. $89 of that a month goes to our MetroCard, and the rest is ours. That leaves me with just about $171 for food, personal spending, and so on. It’s been […]

September 11

On Friday night, September 11, 2009, I baked cookies, cupcakes and brownies with the young ladies at Marian Hall. Our plan was to walk over to the 14th Street Fire House and deliver the baked goods along with a bouquet of flowers and homemade cards to the firefighters of East Village. Eight years prior, I […]