Reflections on the past week

Last week, I found out that my biological dad had been in a coma in the hospital after some kind of altercation. Not surprising news, as he’s always had a pattern of getting himself into these predicaments, but the family was talking about things like taking him off life support and having funeral plans in […]

You make me want to puke. Fuck you. Your face makes sick. Fuck you. I don’t know how you have this hold on me. When your name pops up, my stomach flips every which way. When you’re brought up, I hold back tears. i always wanted you but could never have you. I hate your […]


I know I’ve posted about my grandpa at least a couple of times in the past, so if you don’t care to read on, peace out. It has been well over two years since he passed but I rarely get through a day without thinking of him. I have been a caregiver for my grandma […]

Eeesssh! I’ve …

Eeesssh! I’ve been terrible at updating this thing. I’m sorry.    Quick update:    Romney scares me. Obama 2012.  School is stressful.  Life is good.  I’m working on improving myself. Physically, mentally, emotionally.  I’m happy. 

Women Making Moves Interview!

Twitter has really enhanced my life, in that it’s brought me back to a heightened level of learning about issues, talking to people I wouldn’t otherwise “know,” and networking on a level that really makes the world feel smaller and change feel more tangible! I follow Nicole Clark, a social worker, consultant, and activist. She […]