I’m a 20-something Southern California native.

I tend to write in run-on sentences or half-formulated thoughts, so here’s a happy medium:

  • Feminism
  • NBA => Celtics, Clippers
  • Apple products galore
  • Foodie, foodgasms, foodporn
  • Celebrity gossip mills
  • Social media
  • Activism
  • Human rights, gay rights, women’s rights. Right is right and wrong is wrong
  • INFJ
  • Asian-American
  • Mexican-American
  • American-American
  • Love
  • OPI
  • Urban life
  • Pro-choice, anti-notprochoice
  • Environmentalism
  • Non-fiction
  • Harry Potter
  • Social Justice

When not on WordPress, you can find me on Twitter and on Facebook. 


2 thoughts on “Amy-zing!

  1. Hi Amy,

    I’m trying to learn more about notable Asian American feminists as well as just meet more feminists in American who identify as Asian American for an online community. If you have any interest/ideas/resources/people/books/sites/really anything, I’d love to talk to you!


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