I’m voting like my lady parts depend on it.

I admit it. I’ve been a huge violator of posting political crap all over my Twitter and Facebook. I care. Sue me.

As the election gets closer, I’m getting more and more anxious. For the better part of this calendar year, I kept thinking, “Obama’s got to win. He will. There’s no way the majority of voters will be stupid enough to believe the Right’s crap.”

But these days…I’m terrified. My lady parts are scared. I just don’t know.

Listen, I’m not the most versed in economics or foreign policy. I admit that I’m one of those voters that focuses almost strictly on social issues. Many social issues ARE economic issues, though. I care about birth control. I care about ownership over my lady parts. I care about DREAMers. I care about the climate. I care about legalizing marriage for all. For just about all of these issues, President Obama is the person I want to lead this country. He’s a moderate politician, don’t get me wrong. I’m completely aware of that. But he’s not stuck in 1950. He’s not a power-hungry politician wanting to control my uterus. He (at least for the time being) cares about the things I believe in. So I have to vote.

Please, if you’re thinking to yourself, “Eh, Obama will win, I don’t need to go vote.” YOU ARE WRONG! You must make your voice heard!

And if you’re reading this thinking, “Well I’m voting for Romney, so Fuck you,” have a nice day. You have a right to vote and there’s clearly no swaying you. Bless our rights.

If you’re reading this as an “undecided” voter, WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN? The two candidates could not be more different, especially in matters of social justice. Please. Read a few articles. Broaden your mind. Being Undecided is not cool, not trendy, and not going to get us anywhere. You have no right to complain about where our country is headed if you don’t vote because you are unsure of which candidate you like/agree with more.

November 6 is just days away. Read up on where you need to vote, and get your butt out there.

Also, if you’re in LA County and need a ride to your voting location, please message me, and I’ll try my best to help you out. Please don’t skip out on voting because of something like transportation.

Have a great day!


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