I love you, Margaret

I had to share this with you all. I just had to. I love Margaret Cho for so many reasons. Those reasons mostly revolve around the fact that she is an outstanding, fierce, unapologetically strong person. I also love that she has become somewhat of a face of Asian-American women. I love that in a world where diversity is not yet fully embraced and feminism is still stigmatized, I can call Margaret Cho a sister in this journey towards…goodness. I don’t know. I just love her, dammit!

She posted these tweets a couple nights ago that I retweeted and loved and yeahhh… “You criticize a woman’s body – and young girls see it, you murder us all inside. you are responsible for our slow genocide. may you suffer.” “don’t try to fight me with tweets. you will inevitably lose. i’m sorry. i can make the world stop turning with my words. don’t try it.”

And she just posted a blog on her website going more in depth with her thoughts and opinions on the matter. It’s entitled, “Being Mad on Twitter.”

I read it and almost shed a tear. How wonderful it is to have Margaret on our side. When I say “our,” I mean humanity’s. I have never met her and I may never meet her (though that’s on my bucket list in a very non-creepy way), but I feel like I know her, through her stand-up, her comedy, her interviews, her blog posts, and her twitter. I feel like I get her, like she gets me, and she will fight for me. And to have somebody like that who is in show business, who has a good degree of “power,” and who identifies as an Asian-American woman, well geez, I just feel so interconnected with her cause. You ask me what her cause is? Well, based on what she has relayed to the public in various forums, I feel I can sum up Margaret Cho as a human being for other human beings. Yes, she can be crass, yes, she can be loud, but she is crass and loud with cause, with love, with empathy for those who don’t have the forum she does. And I love it. I love her.


Here is a little excerpt from her post: “I want to defend the children that we still are inside, the fragile sensitive souls who no matter how much we tried were still told we were not good enough. I want to make the world safe and better and happy for us. We deserve beauty, love, respect, admiration, kindness and compassion. If we don’t get it, there will be hell to pay. I am no saint, but I am here for you and me. I am here for us, and I am doing the best I can.” 

You can’t read that and tell me that there is an ounce of maliciousness in the passion that fuels her words. She is all about love, about dignity, about standing up for the voiceless. ALL ABOUT IT. and I can’t get enough of it.


Can someone help me get her to post on Feminist Photo Blog Project? Just saying. 🙂


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