putting myself out there

no, this post won’t be about dating, or trying to get guys’ numbers or anything of the sort.

I am unemployed, young, eager, curious and passionate. So I’m going to put myself out there. I’m going to take advantage of this time that I have to do things I love. Or, do thing I love. And that’s women’s issues/feminism. I talked before about rediscovering this passion of mine but I’m really going to be proactive in trying to make things happen for myself and trying to learn more about what I can do to make a difference!

I’ll be attending Stanford University/The Clayman Institute for Gender Research’s “Ms. @ 40 and the Future of Feminism” events in January of 2012. I am also hoping to attend the Momentum: Making Waves in Sexuality, Feminism and Relationships in Washington, D.C. in March/April.

I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for other conferences, panels and workshops to attend that relate to feminist activism, feminism in social media, women’s rights, and empowerment. So please help to keep me in the loop! I’m from Los Angeles County so events happening in SoCal are also great!! 🙂


Happy feminist-ing!


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