Okay, listen, I won’t hate on you for posting pictures of your baby, so let me document Sadie in peace! Haha. I know I post too many pictures of my dog but I can’t help it; she’s my family now! Advertisements

I should be a psychic

Last night, one of my dreams consisted of driving on the freeway, in heavy traffic. I was annoyed and frustrated behind handfuls of cars in almost standstill traffic only to find there was a man walking on the freeway. This morning as I’m folding my grandma’s laundry, I hear on the news that there’s a […]

Bosnia, Herman Cain and Joe Paterno

I was listening to Dick Gordon’s The Story segment the other night on my way to Los Angeles and completely engulfed by that night’s story, “Facing Their Accusers.” The segment consisted of Dick talking to Peggy Kuo, a trial attorney for the U.N. International Criminal Tribunal in regards to the Bosnian war and the crimes against humanity that were […]