Greed and jealousy

My grandma has a horrible memory and sometimes blanks out and will jump back in with the memory of something that happened days ago.

Just now, my grandma was sleeping and then suddenly woke up, asking me for a letter a family member wrote to her that was on the dining table. I’m assuming the letter appeared in the last two days when I wasn’t with my grandma. But in her head, she was convinced I was here when the letter was written and read.

Turns out, a family member wrote a letter ranting to my grandma about how it’s not right that everyone in the family is “so good” to me and not to this family member. Apparently, the family member feels they deserve a lot more, whether it’s a lot more respect, money, what, I don’t know. No clue.

Here’s the thing. My mom, 2 of my uncles, and I have spent a great deal of time, sacrificing a lot of our own recreational time, to look after my grandma. We make her meals, we do laundry, we clean the living areas, we sleep with her at night, we give her massages, we do her shopping, we monitor her meds, we love her as hard as possible, through our actions. That’s 4 people doing this shit. My grandma has 6 kids, 6 in laws, 24 grandkids….that’s 36 people. And only 4 bother with her. We get an occasional 2-4 relatives that stop by anywhere from 10min-2hrs maybe 2x a week at most….

So before anybody in my family wants to botch about how safe my grandma feels around my mom, 2 uncles, or me more than them, or wants to question who gets what in the will, or how much the trust is worth, they better fucking step up their game.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing about how people want her money, or want to tell us how to manage this household, but can’t be bothered to show their face. Fuck you.

My grandparents built this whole family up from the ground. Because of them, most members of my family will live very comfortably for a long time. But that wasn’t based on economic need. It was based on love and them wanting to ensure security for everybody. So don’t be a beggar. It’s an ugly look. Step back on the jealousy. If you dont want to spend your time taking care of your grandma, mom, in-law, sister, then we don’t want you here either.

She knows. My grandma is very aware of how empty her home is and how quiet her life is. And she knows how big her family is. So nobody is pulling a fast one on the 5 of us. We know you don’t care enough to show up. So stop wasting your breath hinting for more money. Fuck you.

And in case anybody ever wondered, I know every single detail of the will. I know the values of all the properties. I know what the trust is worth. And I’m not getting a penny of it. But I’m still here. So there. It’s called love and kinship. Try it out.


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