You’re reading the blog of a soon-to-be-graduate student

It happened. I submitted my applications to USF and LMU pursuing a Masters of Arts and I heard back from school numero uno. I went to LMU today to interview with the program director of LMU’s SOE program for Educational Studies. We talked a bit and she told me that I am accepted. It was surreal. I have been in shock all afternoon. It’s not that I doubted I’d get into grad school. It’s that my life feels blessed and full.

I am in complete awe of how good God is to me. I have been so blessed with all the opportunities I’ve been given. I don’t want to discount my own personal effort, but I’m overwhelmed with humility right now. I feel grateful that yet again, I have been awarded a chance to move up in the world. In two years, I’ll have my Masters and I’ll be in a better, more competitive position in the job market and I’ll be a step closer to one day running a domestic violence shelter.

I’m very serious about dedicating my life to the betterment of domestic violence survivors and their families. I am certainly prepared to pursuing that path for a long time. I’m taking an LMU extension course this semester: “Non Profit Development Certification” and then I’ll be starting school this January at either LMU or USF. From there, I will pursue an education doctorate or a Ph.D. I’m excited. I feel like things are going to be okay.

I have always believed that whatever needs to happen, will happen. I believe in personal effort and accountability, yes, but I also believe that the universe is balanced and that God always has in store for you what you are most in need of in the moment. I’m grateful that I have worked hard in my life and that God has recognized this need in my life and has fulfilled it. Thank You.

I’ll see y’all in the classroom. 😉


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