George Carlin, Anti-women sentiment & Abortion


(Carlin Link via I Am Dr. Tiller Twitter Feed)

“Anti woman. Simple as it gets.” George Carlin really hits the nail on the head in this bit. I have not read, watched, or heard of a better take on what the fuck it is with these ultra right wing Conservatives and their “Pro-life” stance. A lot of things have gotten me fuming in the recent past and this clip of his stand up has me nodding my head in agreement and feeling empowered. Finally, a man got it. He got it in 1996. I wish he was still here today, speaking out in support of women.

Back to my anger – I’m pissed off at these supposed “Christians” who want to save fetuses but don’t give a rat’s ass about you after your born, if you’re a person of color, a homosexual, or a woman. George doesn’t speak anything truer than calling this population “anti woman.” That is, in fact, the problem with society as a whole, the right just seems to be more hateful than any other population. I suppose their disdain for women (and femininity) makes such a huge mark on society because ultimately, they are the breadwinners. I don’t want to claim that most upper-class, white men are not Conservatives, but I’m willing to bet my nonexistent income that most Conservatives are upper-class white men.

Society does not like women. Society is afraid of women. Society likes to oppress women in order to avoid confrontation with women. Society wants to box women in the kitchen and in the home so as to keep women quiet. We’ve seen this throughout history. Most recently, it can be seen in Saudi Arabia 

Saudi women are not allowed to drive. But a recent law has allowed them to vote. You can vote. But you can’t get in a car to drive to the voting booth. You have liberties. But you can’t get in a car and exercise them. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. This stunt they’re pulling in Saudi Arabia is no different than when women used to get their feet bound in ancient China. Footbinding was a “mark of class” on the outside, but on the inside, you cannot tell me it wasn’t to make sure women don’t walk around carrying signs, protesting why they didn’t have rights, why they were sold to men at young ages. C’mon people.

In America, the blatant sexism that the media has been pulling off against female politicians has been absurd. They did it with Hilary in ’08, they did it with Palin, and now they’re doing it with Bachmann.

I feel I need to preface this by saying: I fucking love Hilary Clinton. I think she’s amazing. I love her as a woman, as a politician, as a speaker, as a human being, as a soul. Now, Palin and Bachmann…they’re not quite up there on my “love” list. I don’t agree with much of anything that has ever come out of either of their mouths. But I’ll be among the first to stand up and question ANY media, right or left, that spins their political aspirations and turns it into a “Miss America Pageant” outcry or some other absurdly sexist attack.

In 2008, the media became obsessed not with Hilary Clinton’s politics, but with what she was wearing. As if her wardrobe would’ve been the one to make decisions if she earned presidency. Fuck outta here. When the hell as the American media ever jizzed their undies over what kind of wardrobe fucking Regan, Nixon, Clinton or Bush wore?? Never. It never made front page headlines. Because they’re men, and it doesn’t matter with men, and men are serious about work. But women? Nah, women like to be pretty and cute and “likable” and need to appeal to the masses not through their intelligence or political savvy, but with the brand of shoes they wear and the length of their pants or skirts.

Now onto the fuckery Bachmann has endured. I am on the side of her not being all that bright, not being what America needs in a politician (much less a President), and all that, but damn, who the fuck thinks of this bullshit?? Let me say, it has become pretty clear that somewhere along the line in Michele Bachmann’s life, she came to believe that women don’t deserve the same rights or voice as men. I don’t know if she’s aware that she couldn’t be running for the Republican seat because of her gender many moons ago, but that’s not the point. Just because Bachmann herself is sexist, it does not give anybody a “free pass” to then be sexist against her. Please. Do I have to get into the whole “eye for an eye” spiel? I didn’t think so. Attempts to sexualize, vixen-ize, and devalue Bachmann are right in line with what people did to Clinton years ago. And all of this comes from one place in society’s mind. Hatred of women. If society truly loved women, embraced our differences from men, and at the same time acknowledged the inherent sameness we have with one another, this shit wouldn’t go on.

We are no better than the Saudis who want to lash women for driving. We just do it in a “classier” way. Just because we don’t lash women physically doesn’t mean those tired headlines don’t serve as lashings upon a woman’s credibility, dignity and equality.

I get I kind of derailed from that whole “abortion” spiel Carlin had up there. There’s no need for me to declare how PROCHOICE I am, and how PROLIFE I am *because* I’m Prochoice. I am prochoice because being prochoice is to be Prolife. I am a woman, I own my body, I value equal rights, I value social justice, I value human life, and so I am PROCHOICE. That’s all that needs to be said. Don’t fucking talk to me about how you support the death penalty or about how you are pro war, pro guns, pro prisons, and then come at me like I’m the murderer because I support the radical idea that women own their uteri, vaginas, lives just as much as men own their sperm, their penises, their genitals and their lives.


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