My thoughts/observations on the Mayweather/Ortiz blow up

Let me start off with somewhat of a disclaimer: I am not an avid fan of boxing, I don’t regularly follow boxing, I’m not familiar with many boxers, and I don’t claim to be an expert on the dynamics of boxing.


This post is strictly fueled by my Facebook and Twitter timelines as I read them before, during, and after the Mayweather/Ortiz match this weekend.

This is what I know about Mayweather just based on what the media tells me and short little blurbs I’ve come across in the past: he’s one of the best boxers of our time, he’s cocky, he’s got a big mouth, and he’s African American.

This is what I know about Ortiz based on the adverts I had seen: He’s the “underdog” and he’s Latino.

On Saturday, I was bombarded by facebook updates and Twitter tweets by family, friends and acquaintances regarding the Mayweather/Ortiz fight. People of all ethnic, social, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds were updating their social medium about who they were going for, who deserved to win more, and who they wanted to eat dust.
I drew a basic conclusion from this:

  • Many African Americans on my FB and Twitter are going for Mayweather.
  • Most everyone else, especially the Latinos, are going for Ortiz.
  • Mayweather has an impeccable record
  • Ortiz is the underdog
  • Mayweather is sooooo ccuuuuteee (seriously)
  • Ortiz is the underdog

I read these updates and tweets, took it in, and moved on. I wasn’t watching the match but was curious to find the outcome. I went on Twitter to find pure outrage. Apparently Ortiz headbutted Mayweather. Apparently then Mayweather did something equally dirty and knocked out Ortiz on unfair grounds. Ultimately Mayweather won.

I followed the tweets of some celebs like Mario Lopez, Dwyane Wade, and of professor/blogger/feminist Hugo Schwyzer. There were also many opinions from regular people, whose names I won’t put out here. Dwyane was impressed with Mayweather. Mario thought the whole thing was dirty. Hugo called Mayweather a “thug” initially, but later recanted it, acknowledging inherently racism behind the term (he later posted a link to this article to sum up his views).

People on my feeds who were pro-Ortiz were outraged. Many brought race into their tirades, using derogatory terms like the N word against Mayweather. Many did worse, comparing him to a girl! *GASP!!* the P word was thrown around, the C word, the B word. Anything to show him he’s not a man!! So there! -_-

Across the board, regardless of race, people that were in support of Mayweather, would often make remarks like, “Well Ortiz fought dirty, so Mayweather had every right.” How American of you all. Because one person does something wrong, another person has the privilege, then, to do something wrong. Fabulous. How about I go punch a baby and in turn, the baby’s parent can go punch my mom. There. We’re even. Humph. -_-

It’s boxing, people. It’s a bit more realistic than wrestling, but, damn, at the end of the day, a select few are getting a huge pay day and you’re at home eating pizza, drinking beer and watching two men beat the fuck out of each other. Why do you gotta get your underwear all twisted and bring such negativity into it? One person won, one person lost. Both made mistakes. Both fucked up. That doesn’t make one guy better than the other, that doesn’t strip either guy of their masculinity. It doesn’t increase anybody’s femininity. One person & their team got richer. That’s all.

I watched a clip of what went down and then I watched a clip of Larry Merchant interviewing Mayweather.That’s where I really got caught up. Forget the black vs brown thing. What I’m concerned with is the air of privilege and lack of class Mayweather presented. He won the match. It was a match that’ll be analyzed for a while. Larry Merchant was just asking some questions. I’m not a fan of athletes who aren’t good losers *and* good winners. In my book, if you don’t win with class, you might as well lose.

I’m reading some blogs, news articles, etc, and the comments kill me. Seriously. We have some fucked up people in the world. Really ignorant, uneducated, small people. I guess I should’ve known that, but it still surprises me and disappoints me. “Gayweather” REALLY? What’s worse than winning a match in an injust way? Being gay. Having your masculinity stripped. Being compared to someone feminine. -_-


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