let go, let god

  • Much has changed in the last few weeks. I have finally submitted both my grad school apps, to LMU and USF.
  • I successfully vacationed in SF for a few days w/ my good friend Mo and on my own. It was a lovely little break from reality, where I fantasized further on what life could be like in NorCal
  • I officially quit my job. I am grateful for the experience and I am sure I will start to miss my former coworkers very soon, but in short, that job was emotionally damaging. It took me to dark places and really tested my spirit
  • I am incredibly grateful for my parents, who have supported me through so much in my adult life. Now, they are completely supportive of me, in my unemployed, broke state.
  • I am still trying to save up so that I can move out once I hear back from grad schools
  • Still incredibly torn about SF/LA. Hopefully I’ll just get into ONE school and the decision will be made for me.
  • I like how I’m so cocky and assuming I’ll get into a school at all. WAAHHH!
  • Finished watching the whole Mad Men series, which I think has motivated me to become more domestic. Never have I cleaned so much or carried out so many domesticated chores like watering the yard and taking out the trash.
  • I’ve been able to resume the leisurely act of reading again. I started the summer reading “Dirty, Sexy Politics” by Megan McCain and “Tattoos on the Heart” by Fr. Greg Boyle. I have added a handful of books to the list, including “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” “Do It Anyway,” and “The Help”
  • My dad and I successfully saw 6 movies together this summer!
  • Registered for an LMU Extension class: “Nonprofit Development Certification” where i will learn the beginnings of what is required to one day launch my own nonprofit and write grants. I kinda needed to do this to keep myself busy and occupied, so as not to let my mind wander my heart’s darkest corners.
I want to share this picture because, well, I do (via Tristan Prettyman’s Blog)

This comforts me. I trust that everything will work out.


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