Through college, I lived in community settings my sophomore-senior year. Following college, I moved into the Good Shepherd Volunteers Astoria community and again lived with a relatively big group of strangers.

Although I appreciate those life lessons I learned from living with people I didn’t know, didn’t understand, or simply didn’t like, I am looking forward to finally having a place all to myself. One of my biggest hopes for the next few months (aside from getting into grad school) is that I will be able to financially afford being able to live on my own, either in a rented room, a studio, or one bedroom apartment.

I fantasize and day dream about decorating every room by myself, about being able to have my kitchen just the way I want it, and misplacing things around my place without worrying about what others will do with them.

As I’m typing this I’m realizing what a privilege it is to be able to declare where I want to live, voice my wishes, and ultimately have control over those factors of my life. Feeling thankful! Hope it all works out in my favor.


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