Survival of the grouchiest

Here’s something to think about:

Of my 3 pairs of grandparents, I only have one grandparent from each pair left. Each one has lost a partner now.

My 3 “cheerful” grandparents were the first to pass on.
My Post grandpa passed away roughly 10 years ago. He was undeniably the peppy, happy, warm one out of his couple.
My Chang grandpa passed away a little over a year ago. No question that he was the charmer of his pair, the easy going, smiley one.
My Rios grandma passed away a few months ago. She was the quirky, sweet one.

Left standing are my Post grandma, my Chang grandma and my Rios grandpa.
I don’t know my Post grandma all that well, but I do know she is more of a recluse than anything else. My Chang grandma, although sweet and kind-hearted, can be a very cynical, grumpy, self-loathing person. My Rios grandpa…well…anybody that knows him knows that he is without a doubt, one of the most bitter old men you could ever meet. He has the personality of the old man in UP before he met the little Asian-American boy.

Hm..wonder if it pays to be a grouch. Haha!


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