give a little, then give a little more

I went to see my good friend Nelly yesterday in Culver City. My beloved roommate from a crazy, whirlwind year in NYC. She was my rock, my best friend, my mom, my sister, – hell – she was probably even my boyfriend at times. I leaned on her like I have never leaned on anybody else, because we were all the other had during an upanddown roller coaster year. We had a nice lunch and saw X-Men First Class with her bf.

A handful of hours beforehand, I stopped at Starbucks to get a grande iced soy latte and a water bottle for the movie, as I forgot my Klean Kanteen at home. For some reason, when I arrived in CC, I took my newly purchased water bottle out of my messenger bag and threw it in my car, only realizing after lunch that I bought it solely to drink in the theater! I shook my head at myself and moved on. Ironically I had to use the bathroom the whole time during the movie but refused to get up as I didn’t want to miss a single second!

After the movie, I got in my car and head out of beautiful CC to work. Stop and go traffic got me a bit annoyed on Culver Blvd, en route to the 10 East. I was at a red light behind about 4 cars when I saw a homeless man standing on the island to my left. I frequently stop and give some change or dollar bills lying around my car to passerby’s when I’m in traffic. I looked in my glove compartment and saw $2. I waved the man down, handed him the money and wished him a safe day. Still stuck in traffic, the man stood quietly to my left as I awkwardly smiled at him, sending him as many positive vibes as possible. I glance over to the passenger seat and see my pristine water bottle. Excellent! I call the man over again and ask if he’d like a new water bottle. He smiles and says, “That would be great! Thank you so much!” It made me feel good. I obviously really believe in hydration.

I guess in the 10 seconds we had that small exchange, the light had turned green. The man in the stunning royal blue BMW behind me began honking his horn at me with no remorse, just 100% frustration. I make my left turn and stumble across another red light right before the freeway. The BMW man and myself are front to back again, behind another row of 4 cars. The light turns green. The front car takes about a 3 second start up time to get going. BMW man honks again.

I feel sorry for him. I don’t know how to sum up my emotions towards him, but I do know what I observed and what I did. I couldn’t get past the thought that he was in a freakin’ BMW for Christ’s sake. And he couldn’t just be thankful that he even had a car to sit in, in the traffic. Who knows. Maybe I’m just judging a man by his honks, but I don’t like impatience, especially when we’re already given so much. The least you can do is give up 10 seconds of your life. Even indirectly.

Sigh. Tis all. I might be blogging a lot more today; I have a lot on my mind.


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