I’m sitting here watching my grandma eat fries during lunch and getting nostalgic remembering the way in which my grandpa used to eat fries. He’d always get “stuck” with the fries my grandma doesn’t like – the limp ones, burnt ones, runt ones. And he’d always play with them on the table, unable to see […]

I saw this image on the lock screen of an iPad 2 at a camera store my dad frequents. After about 3 minutes of trying to email the image to myself (forgot my password), I gave up and just took a picture of the image. It screamed to me, “I understand you! I’m just like […]

bend & not break

About a week ago, my partner @ work and I were quickly interviewed by a man regarding a client at work who alleged abuse. The alleged abuse did not happen, but that’s not the point of this story. I was nervous to speak with this man, hoping that he would not question my side of […]