birthday shmirthday

At the risk of sounding very vain and silly, I write this post. Every year my birthday is kind of a fear for me. I have consistently been let down by myself and my friends. No big plans, not really feeling special, having to organize something myself if I really want to do it. I’ve […]


I’ve been helping my mom and uncle take care of my grandma now for about 4 months. it’s been grueling and frustrating, mostly, but there are those few times i see the beauty in my grandma and appreciate so much all this time i’ve been granted with her. We sit around and read the paper […]

exploiting the exploited

The topic of exploiting the poor, the hungry, the sick, minorities, etc. has been on my mind for some time. But this new TV show that I’ve seen ads for has really escalated my sentiments and my questions of society. There’s this show on ABC (i think) coming out soon that revolves around a ‘millionaire’ […]