A dream including Rondo

I had this crazy dream that I was in some other state and traveling with some of the Celtics and my friends Nelly and Carlos. We went into this club/bowling alley Nelly had gone to before. We had to walk up about 4 flights of very narrow stairs. Rondo had given me a small bag of drugs I didn’t recognize to sell and make money. We were in a hospital cafeteria when people started noticing us because Rondo kept pulling out ziploc bags of cash and a security officer caught me pulling out my little ziploc. A doctor came to question me. She was Chinese and looked a lot like my cousins Erica and Christine and Alice. We went to her office and I was crying, trying to convince her I had no intention of selling and didn’t even know what the drugs were. We had a long conversation and she concluded that she wouldnt press charges. She threw away the bag and left the office. I picked up the bag and walked out. When I met up with my friends, a security guard caught me with the bag so I started to run. Then I was in a police pursuit on my own because I was ditched. I thought the cops were far back enough so I could toss the bag so I wiped my prints off and threw it but they saw it, turned around to pick it up, and ultimately stopped me. I had to tell them that I’ve never done any drug but pot and didn’t even know what kind of things were in there.


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