Angry bra burning, man hating feminist post

I’ve had a lot of free time lately. This free time has led to a lot of blog reading, news watching, media critiquing time. And I’m angry.

I’m angry. I’m a feminist. I’m mad at those who perpetuate violence and oppression towards the weak and voiceless. I’m sad at how ignorant people are. I’m confused at why people are hating so much and are forgetting that we are all one in the same.

Day after day, I read commentary belittling women, dehumanizing immigrants, justifying rape, perpetuating hate. I’m so sick and tired of it all.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about the direction I want to take my life. I want to explore reducing my footprint, going vegetarian, becoming more of a Do-er. I want to really take this seriously. I realize the importance of taking a certain role in my own life, in shaping myself to practice justice in all forms. I can’t simply preach it, I have to BE it. I need to educate my peers in loving one another, in not simply tolerating LGBT neighbors, but accepting them. Understanding that we may not have to fully like somebody, how they live, or what they stand for, but respect them. But in order to teach others, I have to be a pillar of example.

I’ve been updating my Facebook and Twitter a lot recently. Posting lots of status updates and lots of links to news articles. I have a lot on my mind. Why does the government dictate so much of who and what we have to be? Why does the Tea Party exist? Women still have not cracked the glass ceiling. Because of our ever violent, patriarchal society. We insist on claiming we’re color blind, and forget that whether or not we choose to acknowledge somebody’s race does not change the fact that we must dialogue. SO many things on my mind, in my heart, making me angry, frustrated, steaming mad. Just fuming.

I must do something to stop these cycles. Cycles of  injustice, hate, judgement, emotional abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse. Hate hate hate. Hate needs to go away.


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