Sadie Sadie lovely lady

In June, my friends Lady and Lord’s yorkshire terrier & pug bred and created the cutest little Pugshire puppies.

I convinced my mom to get me one. I originally wanted this puppy that I dubbed “Charlie,” a thick coated, larger puppy with light eyes.

My parents went over to look at the puppies and ended up picking Sadie. It took me a couple of weeks to name her, as I hadn’t met her and only knew her through pictures. My roommate Nelly and I, along with the help of my parents went through a bunch of names – Peanut, Ewok, Mochi, Oreo, Belle, etc. I’m not sure how I got to Sadie. I was quite anxious that it wouldn’t actually match her personality, but it has worked out well.

Sadie was born on 3/12/2010. She’s just barely passing the 5 lbs mark. She is very stubborn, active, curious, loving, and silly. I love her so much! She’s my first little baby. 🙂 It has been a treat watching her grow up, seeing her personality develop as well as seeing her physical appearance change.


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