Food, Inc.

Watching “Food, Inc” and have been reminded of some things that I want to prioritize in my life: Buy locally Avoid processed foods Avoid large food chains Buy from producers who treat their workers justly Grow my own food Buy fruits & vegetables in season Advertisements

Separate and not equal

Repeat after me: females who are not virgins are not tainted or dirty. They’re not property. males who are not virgins are not heroes and are not pimps. They do not own those women who they have had sex with. Sex does not define a human being. Neither does gender. The term “virgin” and all […]

Sadie Sadie lovely lady

In June, my friends Lady and Lord’s yorkshire terrier & pug bred and created the cutest little Pugshire puppies. I convinced my mom to get me one. I originally wanted this puppy that I dubbed “Charlie,” a thick coated, larger puppy with light eyes. My parents went over to look at the puppies and ended […]


We stand there with those whose dignity has been denied. We locate ourselves with the poor and the powerless and the voiceless. At the edges, we join the easily despised and the readily left out. We stand with the demonized so that the demonizing will stop. We situate ourselves right next to the disposable so […]