Post-Christmas reflection

I’ve been fortunate enough to go home twice already since I moved to NYC in August.

This second time was for Christmas, and though it was only for about 4 days, I really enjoyed it.

Temple City never seems to change. The kids get older, but roads, the homes, the decorations, the air stays the same.

As my family prepped for our big Christmas Eve party, I felt so far removed. There was no real responsibility on my end. In the past, chores were assigned to me. It was seen as an obligation to partake in the up keep of the home I lived in. But I looked around at one point, at my dad, my mom, and my brother, and realized that I had no idea where half the things went, anyway. It was their home.

For such a long time, I’ve felt ready to move on. At the end of college, I knew I was ready to “be an adult.” But moving to NYC has been such a BIG move in that direction. 3,000 miles away, I’ve shocked myself at how well I’m adjusting. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss my family like crazy. With a family as close as mine, it’s hard to be away. But at the same time, this liberating feeling, this feeling of progress, growth, and independence (to some degree), has been nice.

Christmas was a nice short time to get back, hug family, be around my parents and brother, and then come back to this new life I’m building for myself. A life they’re very much connected to, but one that I’m developing on my own.


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