Where am I and how long have I been here?

It feels like I’ve been living in NYC for years and years. I’ve slowly stopped becoming an outsider who scoffs at the rushed isolation of New Yorkers and have caught myself being swept away in their sea of hurriedness.

I think my community is slowly coming out of our pseudo community stage and starting to get real, in the words of Mtv execs. It’s nice to know that we are stepping out of our comfort zones, pushing each other in small or big ways, and definitely being challenged to be the best we can for this year together, at the very least. Exciting.

Work is amazing. There is not enough I can say to praise Marian Hall and my experience there. I feel blessed that I was led to this placement, that it’s such a beautiful fit, and that I feel so at home and enlightened.

The last two Sundays, I’ve spent with Handcrafting Justice. It’s an organization run by the sisters of Good Shepherd. They sell fair trade items and provide a living wage to young people and women living in countries including Madagascar, Thailand, Philippines, Kenya, Peru, and more. It’s so wonderful to expose others to this world of fair trade and Catholic Social Teaching. Plus, the handmade items are gorgeous!

I am officially going home for Christmas from 12/23-12/27, so I’m very excited about that. I’m not quite homesick yet, but I do feel like I’d love to hug all my family, play with my dogs, use a familiar kitchen, and eat good ol Chinese and Taiwanese food. Oh and I miss good Mexican food. 😉

Well this is enough for now. I want to say so much, but when I open this page, my thoughts get jumbled from all the excitement I feel to share my experiences. Call me if you wanna hear more. Miss you all. Let me know via comments if you read this, what you wanna hear about, etc. 🙂



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