September 11

On Friday night, September 11, 2009, I baked cookies, cupcakes and brownies with the young ladies at Marian Hall. Our plan was to walk over to the 14th Street Fire House and deliver the baked goods along with a bouquet of flowers and homemade cards to the firefighters of East Village. Eight years prior, I […]


I genuinely wonder, if I died, who would come to my funeral? It freaks me out because I have a feeling some people I really care about would not. Would they even notice? Ugh.


I haven’t really gotten homesick yet, but the rough rain the last two days have sure made me think about CA a lot.   Some things I miss (In no particular order): In n Out Sinbala, Taiwanese food, good boba LMU My family My pets Good Shepherd Paco’s Tacos Marians meetings CSA House 75 degrees […]

Domestic Violence

The other day, I was walking home from the N. I went down Ditmars and down 29th St., behind the Imaculate Conception church. I was walking behind this couple who were fighting, and one thing led to another and it got violent. Over my earphones blasting Priscilla Ahn, I heard the man call his wife […]