Last night was the first time since I’ve been in NYC that I’ve been able to go out on my own with my friends. I know a handful of people in the city from high school and LMU. It was nice to go out and do something fun and catch up with people.

I went with my friend Mel and our friend Sam from high school to Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown. That place is fast becoming one of my favorite restaurants, ever. Xiao long bao, eggplant, and tofu.

*By the way. I’ve unofficially started to eat meat again, gradually. I’ve wanted to for a long time and I’m introducing it back to my diet. I’m unsure how long this will last. I don’t plan on buying any meat to cook, though.

After dinner, Mel and I went to Trader Joe’s – the only one in Manhattan. It is crazy packed there all the time, apparently. It was a great experience, though. I love exploring and seeing new parts of the city and doing “city things.” Afterwards, we went to her apt so she could give me free tofu (haha).

I got home late, hung out with my roommates and then went to bed.

I start work late today, but I think I’m going to leave early to go grab lunch in the city.



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