Final Destination

Friday was my second day of work and it went unbelievably great. The afternoon started off slow as most of the ladies were out, but I was able to talk to a few and keep myself somewhat entertained and busy.

On my first day, there was one girl who kept looking at me and we kept running into each other, but she was really shy. On Friday, I sat down with her on purpose to see if she’d talk to me, and sure enough, she couldn’t stop asking questions and telling me all about herself. We have a bunch in common and we’re both new to Marian Hall so we bonded nicely. I’m looking forward to getting to know her more, though I’m aware that my supervisor warned me to not get too close to any single individual so other girls don’t get jealous or take notice. Regardless, Yari my supervisor did ask me to accompany this girl to go toiletry shopping, so we took a walk together and talked some more. It was a nice afternoon getting to know her and her quirks.

At night, the girls were going to go wtih Mimi, the recreational supervisor to a movie, and Yari asked me to accompany them. Free movie? What?! So we went and saw Final Destination at Union Square. The movie was poorly acted, but entertaining enough so that the gore was captivating to watch. I’d save my money for the DVD, though.

After the movie, the five of us walked back to MH and just hung around and talked. I watched a football game with another one of the girls and we talked for a while until my shift was up. I finished up the day really feeling satisfied and optimistic about my role there. I think it’ll be a good year.


One thought on “Final Destination

  1. AMY!!!! I’m so glad you have this blog because I am loving reading about your experiences!! I am so happy you are liking it so far. By reading the type of girls you are working with, I know they are so lucky to have you there! I love the fact that you sat next to the shy girl to see if she would talk, and good thing you did, since you said you both have a lot in common. 🙂 Hope you know I am so proud of you and what you are doing!! Miss you and can’t wait to read more about your experience!! Love you and of course, Marians Love!!! xoxo

    ~Vanessa ❤

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