Today, we visited a few of the placements that we’re going to be working at.

We went to East Village where 3 of us (including myself) will be working. Euphrasian Residence and Marian Hall. I got so excited, so anxious, so nervous, so…..AAHH. It was great, though. It helped that Justin was so excited about it (one of my roommates) because he helped to alleviate some of my stress regarding work and new people.

Afterwards, we walked across town to Chelsea to visit Chelsea Foyer, where Nelly will be working. It was all fine and dandy until TWELVE FULL GROWN ADULTS got STUCK IN AN ELEVATOR.
We had taken a tour of the Foyer and were on the 5th floor planning to go down to 2 or 3. The capacity of the elevator was 2,000 lbs. Going up was fine, but I guess we must have gained weight before we ventured back down. The elevator dropped (not all the way) suddenly. We were stuck. For ONE HOUR. It may not sound like much, but there was very little ventilation, very little moving space, and a lot of anxiety. I started feeling extremely dehydrated and dizzy, I was fearing that I was going to pass out. Finally we got out and they opened the door so we jumped out to the 2nd floor.

It was exciting. I was really annoyed after and needed some alone time when we all came back home.

We got back around 5pm after a busy day in Manhattan. We had a dinner tonight with our Astoria support person, former GSV Laura. She is so cool, so easy to talk to, so helpful, and better yet, a FEMINIST! *Applause* (Actually I think everybody here must be a feminist, because…come agency which empowers women, children and families? Whether they know it or not, they all are. Hmph. So there.)

Anyway, I digress…It was a good day. Really pushed me to be patient. I think I need a nice warm shower tonight and another movie night in my room to wind down.

Pictures to come, I promise. My room still isn’t fully unpacked.

Hugs and dry kisses.


One thought on “Help!!

  1. Wow Amy! that sounds like a real adventure :]
    I don’t like nonworking elevators because of the tight, confined space where there’s such limited air!! AHHH but at least you all got out okay!! && yay for Feminists

    I can’t wrap my mind that you are actually in New York! That’s soo exciting! YES please post some photos!!
    well good luck on your journey and I hope everything is well!!
    &&know that i miss my mama marian esp. as the days grow closer to move-in day 😦

    my friend made me start a blog so I’m guessing we can also be blog buddies!!!! Ouch! an ant bit me!!!! Okay that was random..haha sorry!! okay I’ll talk to you soon!!!

    much love, trixie

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