From one corner to another

I was on a cruise last week with my family up the coast of Alaska. We saw glaciers, humpback whales, seals, otters, bald eagles, and more. It was a memorable experience that made me feel humbled because it reminded me again of how small I am and how big the earth is. Every time I travel, I realize all over again how each person, animal, plant, body of water, and living thing adds up to the enormous puzzle that makes up Earth.

This Saturday I’ll be moving to New York, most likely living in Queens (those of us working in NY haven’t heard for sure where we will be living yet because there will be 2 houses instead of 1). Moving from one corner of the country to another in a matter of days.

My next post will cover WHY I’m moving to New York and what led me to this point. It’ll be a lengthy one, but one very close to my heart, because my journey has been one that has brought me to a very happy and hopeful place.

Until next time!


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